- Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, Construction of Industrial Projects and Plants
Manufacturing and erection of PIG Receiver/Launcher Device Cleaning System of 12'' transit natural gas pipeline from ''Krivnya'' Gas measuring station to ''Galata'' Compressor Station - Bulgaria
Implementation period: April, 2014
Employer /Client/: ''Petroceltic Bulagia'' Ltd.
Scope of the activities:
Civil works /excavation, form-works, concrete foundation/.
Dismantling works on pipelines 12'' (D355,6 mm).
Manufacturing and erection of steel supports.
Manufacturing, welding and erection of steel pipes receiving and sending device D355,6 for natural gas..
Manufacturing, welding and erection of piping circuit, valves, solenoid valves, etc. for natural gas.
Anticorrozion protection of steel structures and pipelines.
Non-destructive testing of welded joints.
Tests of strength and density of the pipe system incl. PIG receiver.
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